The Last Don (Novel) : Mario Puzo

Title: The Last Don

Author: Mario Puzo

Language: English

Category: Novel

Finished on: 12th March 2008

Main Characters:

  • Don Domenico Clericuzio
  • Georgio Clericuzio : Don’s eldest son
  • Vincent Clericuzio : Don’s second son
  • Petie Clericuzio : Don’s third son
  • Silvio Clericuzio: Don’s fourth son
  • Rose Mary Clericuzio : Don’s daughter
  • Dante Clericuzio : Rose Mary’s son
  • Pippi De Lena : Don’s nephew
  • Nalene De Lena : Pippi’s wife
  • Crossifixio De Lena : Pippi’s son. Known as Cross
  • Claudia De Lena : Pippi’s daughter
  • Athena Aquitaine : The Hollywood actress

Plot Summary:

The story is all about Don’s planning and execution of bringing the family into the legitimate world relinquishing all the illegal businesses. The family was in war with Santadio family and once the Santadios were completely destroyed by Clericuzios, they became the most powerful mafia family in the US. Anyway after the birth of Dante and Cross, Don decides to stop all these and bring the family to the legitimate world. But Don wants it in a gradual way to avoid any attack on the family if the powers they enjoy now is not there. Georgio was asked to share trading in Wall Street, Vincent was asked to start Restaurants and Petie was asked to be in construction business. The employees in all these firms also served for the underworld activities also in case of any need. Pippi was appointed as the number one Hammer of the family – he plans the complete operation and executes it. Pippi was asked to be in Xanadu Hotel in Las Vegas with Gronvelt, a close friend of Don.

Nalene divorced Pippi after 12 years of marriage and took Claudia with her. Claudia later became an accomplished film script writer in Hollywood. Croos stood with Pippi and later joined him in the family business as the second Hammer. Gronvelt gave half shares of Xanadu when he passed away. In the meantime Dante also joined the family business. But his saddistic nature was concern for all including the Don.

Loddstone studio was the most powerful studio in the Hollywood and currently they were shooting the movie heroine centric “Messalina”. The screenplay was of Claudia and Athena acted in the heroine’s role. But because of the threat from her estranged husband Boz Skannet to her life, Athena decided to stop acting and flee from America. All attempt by the studio to bring her back were not futile. So Claudia asks the help of Cross to save the money that was already invested by finding some way to bring Athena back. Cross met Athena and fell in love with her in the first sight itself. He killed Boz Skannet and Athena finished the movie. In the meanwhile their relationship grew stronger and stronger and she she even told him about her sick daughter about the existence of whom the world were unknown.

Pippi was brutally murdered and the case was reported and handled by a Los Angeles Police officer, Jim Losey. It was Dante’s plan to clear the way to become successor of the Don. Cross came to know that it was Dante who killed Pippi with the help of Jim Losey. Knowing it would be he himself in Dante’s hit list Cross decided to kill Dante and avenge his father’s death. Cross killed Dante in between a function in the Xanadu Hotel.

Athena left Hollywood after shooting for the movie to France to do the treatment of her daughter. Don came to know about Cross’ involvement in Dante’s death and asked him to leave Xanadu. Cross left US and joins Athena in France. Don was happy in mind that finally there would be no one to run the family as his sons will be engaged in their respective businesses.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0


As usual, Mario Puzo deals with Mafia in United States and the family originated from Italy. The beginning portion is very dull as there are many characters involved and
the author is trying to give description about the nature of each character through some incidents. It will be a tedious task to read these portions as it is like reading many short stories and in the end somewhere there is a link from one or two characters from each of these to the final big story. Once these descriptions are over, the reader will be able to move smooth as all the characters are familiar and there are many things happening. Anyway the ending is little bit simple and what I felt was that the author wanted to wind up everything in a rush.


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