Curriculum Vitae

Last updated: 07-04-2016

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Work Experience (4 years and 5 months) :

1.  From 09-2014 to 03-2016

Organization : Ulster University, UK.
Job Profile : Research Associate (VISUALISE Project).

2.  From 01-2014 to 03-2014 (Part-time)

Organization : Ulster University, UK.
Job Profile : Research Assistant (RUBICON Project).
Reason for Leaving : End of Contract.

3. From 06-2009 to 07-2010

Organization : Kalki Communication Technologies, Bangalore, India.
Job Profile : Module Lead (Optimisation)
Reason for Leaving : Higher studies (PhD).

4. From 09-2006 to 05-2009

Organization : Kalki Communication Technologies, Bangalore/Kochi, India.
Job Profile : Research Associate

 5.  From 01-2004 to 07-2004

Organization : Kalki Communication Technologies, Bangalore, India.
Job Profile : As Project Engineer (Control Systems & Automation).
Reason for Leaving : Higher studies (MTech).

Educational Background :

•  Completed PhD in Computer Science (Specialization: Task Allocation Strategies in Multi-Robot Systems) from Ulster University, UK.
•  Completed M.Tech in Electrical Engineering (Specialization: System Engineering and Operations Research) with 8.63 CGPA (on 10 point scale) from IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttaranchal, India.
•  Completed B.Tech  in Instrumentation and Control Engineering with  80.5 % in the year 2003 from NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala, India.
•  Completed Pre Degree (12th) from Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, Kerala, India with 82.8 % in the year 1999.
•  Completed Secondary School Leaving Certificate (10th) from Bishop Hodges High School, Mavelikara, Kerala, India with 88.1 % in the year 1997.

Details of Projects :

1 . Title: Energy Optimization Portal
Description: Energy Optimization Portal is a common platform under which different optimization applications pertaining to complete energy sector including Generation, Transmission and Distribution, according to the IEC 61970 and 61968  standards. The above said standards ensure interoperability among the EMS (Energy management System) Applications such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Generation optimization applications like Economic Dispatch, Unit Commitment, AGC (Automatic Generator Control) etc, and in Transmission and Distribution side different applications such as State Estimation, Loss Optimization, Load Forecasting etc. In a regulated scenario which is being implemented as part of the modifications in the Indian Energy Sector, these kind of optimization applications are necessary for the different utilities involved, not only for reduction of operational cost of in terms of money but also in terms of reduced carbon emissions which will play an important role in the coming days because of the global warming scenario.
Role: Optimization Applications Development
Duration: From July 2009 to June 2010

2 . Title: Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC)
Description: The different blackouts in the US have lead to the  development of Synchro-phasor technique at the Virginia Tech. The synchro-phasor measurements are synchronized with the GPS. These measurements are used to monitor the network over a wide area and there by studying and taking precautionary measures against the fault propagation which will eventually lead to a complete blackout. PDC is the data concentrator and re transmitter for phasor measurements from PMUs. The PDC has to handle the data from the PMUs at very high data rates such as 60 fps. Handling the high density data is a key issue for future analysis. Kalkitech’s PDC is the first of the kind in India and boasts of handling 100s of PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units) at a time. This product has won the best Research and Technology Award in the India Power Awards – 2009.
Role: PDC Development – Team member, PDC Database – Design & Development, PMU Simulator – Design & Development.
Duration: July 2008 to June 2009

3 . Title: STLF using ANN
Description: Load Forecasting for a short duration is important  in the current energy market scenario. Now to improve efficiency, the Electricity boards, which were carrying out the generation, transmission and distribution have been split into separate entities. So the distribution utility has to inform the transmission utility how much is the demand for the next few days in advance and transmission utilities have to give this to the generation utilities. Accurate Short Term Load Forecasting (STLF) has high importance in the current scenario. Artificial Neural Networks
(ANNs) have been instrumental in modeling different complex systems once they are properly trained. In this work ANN has been utilized for STLF.
Role: Design & Development
Duration: August 2007 to May 2008
Paper: Presented in National Conference conducted in CPRI, Bangalore

4 . Title: HTC (Hydro Thermal Co-ordination) using PSO
Description: HTC is an optimization application for the generation utilities. Earlier much of the power generation had been with the hydro power plants. Later many thermal power plants have been added to the generation. The optimal way of running both these is required to reap maximum profits. Similar to STLF, HTC also plays a big role in this. STLF forms as an input to HTC. It is all about generating the required power considering different factors affecting the hydro power generating units as well as the thermal power generating units. Instead of the conventional methods for the HTC, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is utilized to find and optimum solution for this problem, which helps in finding a global solution avoiding possible local minima.
Role: Team Member
Duration: May 2007 to October 2007
Paper: Presented in IEEE PES T&D Conference & Expo, Chicago

5 . Title: Soft Hot Standby for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Controller
Description: The ControlLogix PLC supports hot standby only with the help of an add-on card which synchronizes the operation of the two controllers in real time. The objective of the project was to do a soft logic which monitors the health of the two controllers and synchronizes their operations. The application was developed using ladder logic and is intended to use in less critical operations.
Role: Design & Development
Duration: Dec 2006 to April 2007

6 . Title: SCADA Implementation for substation automation using ABB AC 450 Controller and Operator IT HMI
Description: The project was in the substation automation of the Kaiga Power Plant of NPCIL. Different circuit breakers, isolators and earth switches have to be controlled according to the different conditions in the field. AC 450 and Operate IT are products of ABB, a leading player in Power Automation Field.
Role: Team member – SCADA configurations and control logic testing
Duration: Jan 2004 to July 2004

Academic Projects :

1 . Title: Process Control Applications in Fieldbus Based System and Response Studies (M.Tech Dissertation/Thesis)
Description: The work involved studying the responses of the Foundation Fieldbus process plant. In order to study the responses, different control  loops were implemented in the Foundation Fieldbus process plant and analyzing the response of the system under various conditions where observed. Foundation Fieldbus is a fully digital industrial protocol. Foundation Fieldbus ensures complete interoperability among devices from different. Foundation Fieldbus being an open standard with a defined Device Block structures and the certification process ensures that all the compliant devices are supporting the Blocks which the standard mandates.

2 . Title: Fieldbus Components and Testing (M. Tech project)
Description: Fieldbus is a new fully digital industrial protocol. Its main feature is interoperability of the devices. For achieving interoperability, the devices have been configured in as per the Fieldbus standard. Fieldbus is an open protocol. The project mainly involves the study of the different Fieldbus devices, their working and characteristics and their calibration.

3 .   Title: PLC Based Automation of Bagging Machine (B. Tech Project)
Description: The process of bagging is a sequential process and  the control is achieved using an OMRON PLC. The project involved studying the bagging machine and the accessories and the designing the ladder program for the required sequence of operation.

Achievements :

•  2010-2013: Ulster University’s Vice Chancellor’s Research Scholarship.
•  2009: Best Research and Technology Product (India Power Awards 2009) – PDC.
•  2004: GATE score of 98.66 percentile in Instrumentation with all India ranking of 69.
• 2003: 2nd Rank in B.Tech from Calicut University in Instrumentation & Control Engineering.

Publications : (Please see this page for full list of publications)

2015   : Modelling of retinal ganglion cell with simple spiking models (accepted) (C)
2014a   : A distributed task allocation algorithm for a multi-robot system in healthcare facilities (accepted) (J)
2014b  : Simultaneous allocations of multiple tightly-coupled multi-robot tasks to coalitions of heterogeneous robots (C)
2014c  : Novelty detection in user behavioural models within ambient assisted living applications: An experimental evaluation (C)
2011a  : A Fast Distributed Auction and Consensus Process Using Parallel Task Allocation and Execution (C)
2011b  : A Fast Distributed Auction and Consensus Process for Allocation of Prioritised Tasks in Multi-robot Systems (C)
2008  : Hydro thermal scheduling using particle swarm optimization (C)
2007  : Artificial Neural Network Based Short Term Load Forecasting for the Distribution Utilities (C)
2007  : Intrinsic Motivations for Forming Actions and Producing Goal Directed Behaviour (O)

Skill Set :

Robots : PR2, Pioneer 3Dx
Robotic Software : Player/Stage, ROS
Optimization Tools : AMPL, GAMS, OptimJ, CPLEX, MOSEK
Analysis & Simulation Tools : MatLab, SciLab, SciPy, R
Programming Languages : Python, C, C++, Java
Distributed Control System : TPS (Honeywell), AC450 (ABB)
HMI Packages : OPERATE IT (ABB), PLANTSCAPE (Honeywell), iFix (GeFanuc)
Industrial Software : Syscon, ProcessView(smar), VersaPRO(GE-Fanuc), AdvaBuild, AdvaCommand(ABB)
Operating Systems : Linux, Windows

Certification and Training :

•  Participated in  DST School on Power Quality – Introduction, Measurement & Control conducted in IIT Kanpur
•  Participated in training session in Wide Area Monitoring and Protection conducted by Arun G. Phadke in CPRI, Bangalore.
•  Completed certification course on  DCS and Application in Process Industries  at  JRD Tata Automation Training Center for Tata Honeywell Ltd, Pune.
•  Industrial training at Hindustan Insecticides Limited (HIL), Cochin, Kerala.
•  Industrial training at Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF), Chemboor, Mumbai

Areas of Interest :

•  Multi-Robot Systems
•  Novelty detection and activity learning
•  Artificial Neural Networks & Evolutionary Algorithms
•  Optimization
•  Advanced Process Control Systems
•  Industrial Automation using DCS, PLC and SCADA.
•  Wide Area Monitoring & Protection

Extra curricular Activities :

•  Organizing Committee Member of CERA-05, an International Conference conducted in Department of Electrical Engg, IIT Roorkee.
•  Presented a paper “Plug and Play Sensors in Wireless Network” in the paper presentation contest conducted by IEEE Student Chapter NSS College of Engg, during B.Tech.
•  Organization committee Member of ‘i-control 2001’ conducted by Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department, NSS College of Engg, during B.Tech.
•  Participated in the District Mathematical Quiz competition in the 7th standard.

Personal Information :

Name :Gautham P. Das
Nationality : Indian
Languages : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil & Spanish